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ProofTherm Insulating Screed

£10.77 ex. VAT

Description: Lightweight Insulating Screed

Weight: 20kg
Coverage: 3.3m2 per bag at 10mm application depth
Use: Floor
Package: Bag

Detail: Insulating Screed for enhanced thermal and acoustic performance of floors


ProofBase Acryllic Primer

£25.95 ex. VAT

Description: Universal, Acrylic primer for use with ProofTherm products

Weight: 15kg
Coverage: 125m2
Package: Pot

Detail: High performance insulating screed that is 70% lighter than a traditional screed. Use to insulate floors and as an underlay or leveller before a hard wearing top coat.





ProofDeco Mineral Render

£7.38 ex. VAT

Description: Skim coat for use over ProofTherm Insulating render on external walls

Weight: 25kg
Coverage: 8m2 per bag at 2mm application depth
Package: Bag

Detail : Rapid drying, enhanced mineral render top coat for easy application even in difficult weather conditions