The products we sell are sensitive to storage conditions and are easily damaged if not stored in dry conditions with very low humidity. We therefore operate a no-returns policy as we are unable to verify the storage conditions once the products have left our warehouse.



Our products are shipped by a national pallet handling network. If there is any noticeable damage to your delivery, please state this when signing for delivery and inform us as soon as is practical. Pictures of damaged goods as delivered are very helpful for us.  Where goods have been damaged in transit, we will endeavour to refund or replace as soon as we have received the customer’s report of the damage


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ProofTherm Insulating Screed

£16.80 ex. VAT

Description: Lightweight Insulating Screed

Weight: 25kg
Coverage: 3.3m2 per bag per 10mm application depth
Use: Floor
Package: Bag

Detail: Insulating Screed for enhanced thermal and acoustic performance of floors


ProofBase Uni: Breathable wall primer

£13.70£35.99 ex. VAT

Description: Universal, Acrylic primer for use with ProofTherm products

15 litres: Covers approx. 100m2
5 litres:   Covers approx. 33m2
Package: Pot

Detail: Acryllic dispersion primer for walls that is highly breathable and which provides the perfect base for ProofShield wall coverings





ProofDeco Mineral Render

£12.00 ex. VAT

Description: Breathable render skim coat for use over ProofTherm Insulating render on external walls

Weight: 25kg
Coverage: 8m2 per bag at 2mm application depth
Package: Bag

Detail : Rapid drying, enhanced mineral render top coat for easy application even in difficult weather conditions



RB1F Render Base Coat

RB1F Renovation & Bonding Render

£14.97 ex. VAT

Description: HIgh strength renovation/bonding basecoat for render systems

Weight: 25kg
Coverage: 3.5m2 per 5mm application depth
Package: Bag

Detail : Non breathable, high strength, fibre reinforced

SBR Primer

SBR Screed Primer

£13.60£36.40 ex. VAT

SBR Latex type screed primer used to prepare floors prior to screeding.  Provides enhanced adhesion and stability and helps control water movement

Download datasheet here


  • 5 litre tub covers approx. 33m2
  • 15 litre tub covers approx. 100m2