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Insulating Floor Screed

ThermScreed Insulating Floor Screed is a lightweight and easy to use thermal and acoustic insulating screed that has a wide range of uses in renovation and new build projects.

Widely specified by architects across the UK, ThermScreed offers a low-cost, effective and simple way of insulating floors to provide greater thermal comfort and increased acoustic insulation. Suitable for use as a base layer for underfloor heating, it reduces heat loss through the floor and can be applied manually as a “dry” screed or pumped.

In renovation projects, insulating screed is often used as a levelling screed on top of existing slabs where it can be applied at thicknesses between 20mm and 150mm and usually in situations where other insulation methods are impractical. It can also be built to falls, making it extremely useful for upgrading the thermal properties of wet rooms.

ThermScreed uses an inert mineral aggregate which contains millions of air bubbles in a honeycomb-like structure to give it its insulating characteristics. Advanced manufacturing and a unique formula have enabled us to create a high-performance, lightweight insulating screed that eliminates thermal bridging and simplifies the whole process of floor insulation.

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  • Insulating: Highly effective insulator with no thermal bridging
  • Lightweight: 70% lighter than a traditional screed
  • Sound-deadening: The open-cell structure of our insulating screed reduces sound transmission
  • Fire-resistant: Mineral screed does not burn or emit noxious gas even at 1000c.
  • Energy Saving: Reduces heat loss through floors
  • Low cost: Significantly cheaper than most other insulation systems in both material costs and time on site
  • Underfloor heating: The perfect base on which to install an underfloor heating system

Manufactured to European Standard EN-998-1:2016

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