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Proofshield manufacturers a range of insulating building materials. Our primary range includes insulating render, insulating plaster and insulating screed. All of our products are manufactured to the highest European Standards and are formulated for long term performance in Northern European climates.

Highly breathable, insulating render and plaster that significantly improves the thermal performance of walls. Can be used externally and internally

Lightweight, insulating screed that offers a practical solution for reducing heat loss in floors.

Primers & Base Coats

ProofBase primers are designed to maximise the performance of all ProofShield products. They are the ideal preparation for both render and screed applications

Decorative top coats

ProofDeco mineral render is a breathable top coat that can be used to protect the ProofTherm insulating render base coat

Proofdeco is a mineral based coating designed to provide a tough, decorative, waterproof finish on a wide range of surfaces internally and externally and is the perfect façade finish for Prooftherm insulating render.


ProofBase Primer is the perfect preparation coat for all surfaces prior to the application of ProofTherm Insulating render or plaster both externally and internally.