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Insulating Floor Screed

Insulating Floor Screed

ProofTherm insulating floor screed is a lightweight, breathable and easy to use insulating screed that is suitable for use on almost all floor structures.

ProofTherm offers a low-cost, effective and simple way of insulating floors to provide greater thermal comfort and increased acoustic insulation. Suitable for use as a base layer for underfloor heating, it reduces heat loss through the floor and can be applied manually as a “dry” screed or pumped.

ProofTherm is an inert mineral product containing zero VOC’s. Advanced manufacturing and a unique formula have enabled us to create a high-performance, lightweight and breathable insulation solution for the 21st Century.

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  • Insulating: Highly effective insulator
  • Comfort: Warmer, more comfortable floors
  • Health: Made from inert, natural mineral products with no dangerous VOC’s. The safest and healthiest insulation solution
  • Sound-deadening: The open structure of our insulating render provides effective sound-deadening due to the millions of air bubbles trapped in every square meter
  • Fire-resistant: Mineral screed does not burn or emit noxious gas even at 1000c. Tested to fire resistance classification of A1 under EN 998-1
  • Breathable: A vapour permeable structure allows the building to breathe
  • Energy Saving: Reduces heat loss through floors
  • Low cost: Significantly cheaper than most other insulation systems in both material costs and time on site (labour costs)
  • Underfloor heating: The perfect base on which to install an underfloor heating system

ProofTherm - Insulating Floor Screed Bag

Manufactured to European Standard EN-998-1:2016

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