ThermoCouche – One Coat Thermal Render

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Revolutionary Thermal Render


ThermoCouche represents a major breakthrough in render technology. It’s the world’s first through-coloured, single coat, insulating render that offers a decorative, weatherproof and insulating finish all in one product. Designed and formulated in a collaboration between our own UK lab and leading European Universities, ThermoCouche is the first of a new generation of hybrid construction products that change expectations of what building materials can achieve.

Typical external wall render products have 2 functions; they provide a decorative and protective coating. ThermoCouche takes these 2 essential functions and adds an altogether new characteristic: insulation.

A proprietary formulation of ultra-lightweight insulating aggregates with brand new polymers has created a thermal render that is applied in exactly the same way as any other monocouche (scratch) type render, by hand or with a spray pump.  Due to extremely low density of ThermoCouche, it is one of the only coloured renders that can be successfully applied to carrier boards along with most standard blockwork or brick substrates. Once dry it creates a continuous thermal barrier that resists heat transfer through its millions of micro air-bubbles trapped in a honeycomb structure.


Exceptional coverage rates

Because ThermoCouche has such a low density, each bag of product goes much further than a regular render. A single bag will cover well over 2m2 at a typical depth of 15mm.  When comparing with other renders available, this makes ThermoCouche a very economical choice and reduces the amount of material handling required.


Silicon enhanced performance

Silicon renders have long been the choice of homeowners looking for a product that will resist the effects that weathering has on a render finish. ThermoCouche incorporates high grade silicon in its formulation to ensure maximum resistance to weatherproofing.


Colours and finishes

ThermoCouche is available in 24 colours and has a medium grain finish that can be flattened well and can be adapted to most finishes widely used in the UK