RB1F Renovation & Bonding Render

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Description: HIgh strength renovation/bonding basecoat for render systems

Weight: 25kg
Coverage: 3.5m2 per 5mm application depth
Package: Bag

Detail : Non breathable, high strength, fibre reinforced


ProofBase RB1F datasheet

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RB1F is a high strength, polymer modified base coat that can be used over most substrates (including painted or damaged substrates) to provide a solid base for ProofTherm Insulating render or any decorative render finish. With the addition of polypropylene fibres for crack resistance, it is suitable for use in repairing older walls as well as for new builds.


If you need to render over existing damaged render or painted surfaces, this is the ultimate base coat that will repair the substrate and give you a solid base for your decorative render finish.

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Weight 25 kg