ProofTherm – Insulating Render / Plaster

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Description: Highly breathable, insulating render/plaster for external and internal walls

Weight: 15kg
Coverage: 4m2/bag (approx.) for every 10mm depth of installation
Package: Bag


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ProofTherm is the original, award-winning, breathable render/plaster that is used across Europe to add an effective level of insulation to existing walls whilst retaining very high levels of vapour permeability.  Formulated from expanded Perlite and with a lime binder, it’s primary use is as a renovation and insulation solution in situations where other forms of insulation may not be suitable, either because of the way they perform (typically they’re  non-breathable) or because they are simply not cost-effective or practical.

“Vapour open” render/plaster allows moisture to pass through and be evaporated away and is an important tool in making sure that damp and mould problems are kept at bay.

How is it used?

  • ProofTherm is applied as a base coat render at depths starting from 20mm. Up to 35mm can be applied in a single pass, and once dry, further layers can be built up if required up to 100mm.
  • Once dry, finish off with a suitable skim coat to protect the ProofTherm base coat. Suitable skim coats are ProofDeco mineral render or any through-coloured, lime based render
  • ProofTherm can be used on external and internal walls

ProofTherm has an exceptional thermal conductivity value of 0.058w/mK, giving meaningful levels of insulation and thermal comfort and significantly reduced heating costs

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Weight 15 kg


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