ProofBase Uni: Breathable wall primer

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Description: Universal, Acrylic primer for use with ProofTherm products

15 litres: Covers approx. 100m2
5 litres:   Covers approx. 33m2
Package: Pot

Detail: Acryllic dispersion primer for walls that is highly breathable and which provides the perfect base for ProofShield wall coverings




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ProofBase Uni primer is a water-dispersed, acrylic type primer which provides an excellent chemical and mechanical preparation for substrates prior to rendering or plastering with any of our breathable render products.  Primers are an essential part of a render system. They control the speed at which the render dries out (dry and porous substrates will suck the water out of any render, causing it to dry too quickly which results in a weaker bond and the potential for cracking and failure further down the line).  In addition to controlling the speed at which renders bond, a good primer also provides a chemical barrier between layers that stops adverse chemical reactions e.g. where lime based products might otherwise come in contact with cement based products.  Primers are also essential for dealing with the dust that forms on most surfaces and which stops renders and plasters from forming a strong bond.

Uni primer contains a quartz aggregate which helps adhesion of the render products by providing them with a mechanical key to “grab” onto and it is formulated to be highly breathable.


  • 5 litre tub covers approx. 33m2
  • 15 litre tub covers approx. 100m2
  • Apply with roller or large brush

Our advice; don’t skimp on the primer and always use the right primer for the job!

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15 litre, 5 litre