About Us

The ProofShield journey started in 1985 with our first paint manufacturing facility in Turkey which produced a range of interior and exterior paints on behalf of various European brands.

Consistent growth over the following 30 years saw us expand into new product categories, most notably a range of plasters, renders, adhesives and associated coatings manufactured under license for a range of European brands and distributed across Europe and Eurasia.

In 2014 our own R&D effort became focused on producing energy efficient coatings that were designed to provide simple, effective thermal insulation that was suitable for use across the widest possible range of building types and methods. Working closely with the WBCSD research facility under the Energy Efficiency in Buildings programme, we refined and optimised our range of advanced building insulation and protection coatings and launched them under the ProofShield brand in 2016.

ProofShield is now one of Europe’s foremost manufacturers of insulating render and plaster systems, exporting to 8 different countries and continually investing in research to develop the building materials that answer the energy efficiency demands of the 21st Century construction industry.

Research and Development:

Investment in research and development is a cornerstone of ProofShield’s success and continued growth. The ability to test new materials, refine their properties and develop new manufacturing processes and products drives our innovation and ensures excellence across our range of products.

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