Insulating Render, Plaster and Screed

Insulating Render, Plaster and Screed

Lightweight, Breathable, Insulating Render and Plaster that provides a truly effective insulation solution

Highly breathable, insulating render and plaster for internal and external walls for significantly improved thermal performance.

✓ Highly Breathable
✓ Natural Mineral
✓ Hydraulic Lime base
✓ Effective Insulation

Lightweight, Insulating Screed

High performance insulating screed that is 70% lighter than a traditional screed. Use to insulate floors and as an underlay or leveller before a hard wearing top coat.

✓ Easy to use
✓ Effective floor Insulation
✓ Zero thermal bridging
✓ Lightweight

Breathable Mineral Render Top Coat

Rapid drying, enhanced mineral render top coat for easy application even in difficult weather conditions

✓ Tough, mineral render finish
✓ Silicone enhanced protection
✓ 2mm grain
✓ Decorative finish


Breathable render top coat for use with ProofTherm insulating render

Insulating Render and Plaster

Insulating Render/Plaster provides a highly breathable (vapour permeable) insulation solution for internal and external walls. It is particularly useful for upgrading the thermal performance of older homes where it is essential to preserve breathability in order to avoid damp and mould problems.

ProofTherm is formulated with mineral insulating aggregates and uses a hydraulic lime based binder, making it suitable for heritage building work as well as every day insulation upgrades.



Ultra-lightweight aggregates create an aerated screed that reduces heat flow through the floor, creating warmer rooms that cost less to heat.

ThermScreed: The Insulating Screed


Thermal Conductivity: 0.08 w/m2k


The market leading, energy-saving screed


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Lightweight, Insulating Screed: A practical solution for warmer floors. Ideal as a base for underfloor heating systems or as a void filler.

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